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Cash for Trucks Promise to Customers

  • Our Prices for all trucks are top in Melbourne
  • Exact Price for all trucks that were promised on phone. No price change on spot.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Qualified and professional staff for old and scrap truck removing, towing and wrecking
  • 100% Environment clean by removing junk trucks
  • Very reliable service and the also honored their quote over the phone, i got what i was quoted . thanks cashfortrucksand4wd

  • Good service and pickup. Arrived on time and only took a few minutes to collect my car.


Welcome to Cashfortrucks – the leading truck removal service in Melbourne popular for its instant truck removal proficiency. Whether its unwanted truck removal, cash for trucks or cash for 4wd you are looking for, we offer you tremendous services as we specialize in dealing with damaged, used, unwanted and wrecked trucks and 4wd for years. Our experience makes us eminent and professional to deal with clients from various sectors. Your heavy, commercial, or damaged 4wd or truck sitting in your garage for years or blocking your driveway will be removed in an absolute professional way without causing you any hassle.

Cashfortrucks offers free truck and damaged 4wd removals and pays good cash for trucks and 4wd right away! Our cash for truck rates are comparatively higher than other service providers as we don’t believe in leaving our client empty handed even if their trucks or 4wds are old, wrecked, and rusted. Our truck pick-ups revolve around your schedule, our courteous and qualified staff works on your term, and hence, we ensure convenient, reliable, and flexible truck removal services to all our clients!

We’re the only truck removals Melbourne service providers just a call away!

Why choose CashForTrucksAnd4X4?

You will find many truck removal services providers claiming to be the best in the town, but we offer you the opportunity to know why Cash for Trucks and 4X4 stands tall among all the service providers in Melbourne.

Our Reliability is Own Identity!

Your trust in us is our first step towards success. Our work approach revolves around building concrete customers’ trust by ensuring top-quality cash for trucks and cash for 4X4 services to all clients. If you have a query related to truck or 4WD removals Melbourne, feel free to ask us and we will give you an expert advice. We don’t decrease the actual value of your vehicle instead we will always give you an accurate estimate and further provide you with swift truck removal services. Our wide experience in the field makes us professional enough to complete your unwanted truck removal process with just one call. Our price, vehicle removal, customer services, and connectivity with clients make us the most reliable truck removal Melbourne service provider.

We only Offer Top Price, Nothing Less!

Beware of car removal service providers who look for flaws in you vehicles to reduce its price! We don’t reduce the value of your vehicle; in fact, we inspect your car before quoting you a price just to avoid an unfair quote. If have been encountering truck removal agents who decrease the cash deliberately then it’s time to stop contacting them! Don’t settle for a price that does not meet your expectation; connect with Cash for Trucks for your unwanted truck removal as we buy your vehicle in any condition so without fretting about your car’s condition, GIVE US A CALL!!!

Free Paper Work with No Hassle!

Tired of listening to truck removals Melbourne agents’ paperwork details? It’s time to meet the professionals! Your paperwork is our responsibility as we ask you of filling no long forms or no extra changes. We believe in the utmost convenience of the clients; therefore, only a minimal detail regarding your car will be required and our agents will reach at your place with all the truck removal paperwork to remove your unwanted, scrapped, or completely damaged vehicle from your garage or backyard. Asking clients of paperwork fee is not our style!

We’re Customer-Oriented!

All our services begin with customers ease and end at their convenience. Our main focus is on free truck removals Melbourne and 4X4 removals Melbourne services that take just a few hours to complete. Our truck removal services are carried out considering your convenience and that’s why we have become highly flexible to work under your instructions. We organize the vehicle removal process at your provided time and spot as we’re trained to work around our clients’ schedule. Our agents give you a stress-free and reliable unwanted truck removal, cash for 4X4, or cash for truck services with no compromise on the actual value of your vehicle. Call us up, set an appointment, meet our agents, and see your car towed out of the garage in no time!

On-the-Spot Cash Facility!

If it’s promised on-the-spot, it will be delivered on-the-spot! We don’t let you call us every now and then for your money or we don’t delay payments giving you unacceptable reasons. The moment your truck or 4X4 is removed from your garage, the amount will be given to you instantly by our courteous agent! This is one of the reasons why our clients like to call us every time for vehicle removal services in Melbourne. Our on-the-spot cash facility increases our service reliability and makes our clients trust us more with their cash for trucks and cash for 4X4 requirements.

Free Removal and Towing of Vehicles!

If anyone is asking you of truck removals Melbourne for money then without wasting your precious time and money any further, call us for a free trucks removals Melbourne or 4×4 removals Melbourne. Your truck or 4X4 will be towed and removed safely by our high-quality machinery as our vehicles are highly equipped to tow and remove all types of trucks. While removing your truck from the garage or backyard it will be completely harvested for scrap removal; the hazardous parts will be disposed off carefully which will later be crushed and reused. Your truck or 4X4 will be cleaned off with by the professionals so, choose the best to get the best!

Quick and Courteous Services!

A bad behavior may offend anyone that’s why we have hired a qualified staff to deal professionally and humbly with all our clients as each and every client is important to us! If you are a resident of Melbourne and require quick trucks removal Melbourne services then allow our professional estimators to inspect your truck or 4X4 for the best price quote. Our qualified drivers have immense knowledge and years of experience of quoting top cash for trucks and 4X4 removals. Therefore, we promise quick and courteous salvage service, top prices for trucks and 4X4, and 100% customer satisfaction!

FAQs – Cash for Trucks and 4WD

Who are Cash for Trucks and 4WD?
Cash for Trucks and 4X4 is the leading truck removal service provider in Melbourne that works on clients’ terms to remove unwanted, damaged, wrecked, scrap, and junk trucks and 4WD from defined destinations. We offer free trucks removals Melbourne from your house or any other location to our vehicle collection depot.

What is the basic vehicle information required?
Upon receiving your call for truck removals Melbourne or cash for trucks, we will ask you about the basic vehicle details like the model, make, year, and also the condition of the truck or 4X4. Our inspection team arrives at your place only when you permit us for a vehicle inspection and quote a price with mutual consent and a thorough inspection.

How much time is required for a junk truck pick up?
Once you make a call for truck removal Melbourne or 4X4 removals Melbourne, our truck tower agents will be sent to your house at the decided time. We offer service all over Melbourne so, it does not matter where you reside as our services cover each and every area of Melbourne. We provide immediate pickups and removals for FREE!

Is it mandatory to have a title for truck removal?
A title for truck removal is necessary, but we have made it easier for our clients by asking them of driver’s license along with a vehicle registration copy. We follow the legal procedures to avoid any act that doesn’t break the law or cause our clients any trouble. For unwanted truck removal, 4X4 wreckers, 4X4 removals Melbourne, cash for trucks or cash for 4X4, call us today and set an inspection appointment.

Is it necessary to have a registration number?
Truck or 4XD registration is not obligatory for removals, but if you want to sell your truck for cash, you need to have a proof of the ownership of the vehicle. For cash for truck or cash for 4X4, you must remove personal belongings including CDs, DVDs, and other tools from the vehicle. In case you do not have vehicle registration with you, you need to remove the registration number.

Is there a fee for the paperwork?
No! There’s absolutely no fee for your vehicle paperwork; in fact, your truck or 4X4 paperwork is our responsibility. Once the price is decided with your consent, the paperwork will begin. Only your photo ID or ownership proof will be required and the rest of the paperwork will be carried out by us to provide you along with the cash.

What type of Trucks or 4X4 Cash for Trucks buys or removes?
Cash for Trucks removes and buys all kinds of unwanted, running, not running, junk, and badly damaged trucks and 4X4. Your vehicle condition, size, and age do not matter to us as we tow and remove your vehicle using our highly-equipped heavy machinery and that too, for FREE! Please inform us about your car condition, if it can be towed or needs a wrecking crew for its proper removal.

Does Cash for Truck remove multiple trucks and 4X4?
Removing multiple trucks and 4X4s is not a problem for us! Inform us over the phone about your multiple vehicle removals and we will send the removal experts with enough resources to clean your junk.

Is there any fee for junk or scrap removal?
No! There are no charges whatsoever for towing or removing your old junk truck or 4X4. Our unwanted truck removal Melbourne or 4X4 removals Melbourne services will not cost you a penny!

What’s the payment method?
If you have a truck for cash or 4X4 for cash, call us now and you will be paid a good amount by our courteous agent after a thorough vehicle inspection. No late, no delays; we pay immediately and we pay TOP CASH for your truck or 4X4.

How to contact Cash For Trucks And 4WD?
It’s simple to contact Cash for Trucks and 4XD! Call us on the given number 03936 48 350 or visit our website for a quick quote. We will give you a tentative quote if you make a call or contact us using online quote form as the actual quote will be stated only when our agents will inspect your vehicle.
For more information about Cash for Trucks and 4WD, CALL US TODAY 03936 48 350 or EMAIL US at carsales.autoparts@gmail.com. We’ll be pleased to answer all your queries regarding vehicle removal.